I'm Jill and I costume. This blog is dedicated to my adventures and creations. Oh yes, it is very exciting!

Going in intervals. 1 hour study, 1 hour sewing, 1 hour study, 1 hour sewing.

Got all my materials today. Found a short dressing robe that I will alter. Got some satin material and lace.
Still need the top/costume underneath.

Sewed one sleeve and part of the long skirt to the short robe.

Back to studying now!


Making Black Canary boots while Boyfriend is lazy on the couch!

Crappy photo of my Black Canary gloves..

Ooh! Bat Rope!

Ooh! Bat Rope!

From my first time cosplay in 2010!
Woo! Such a long time ago!

Getting into the ComiCon spirit.

Random pictures I have collected from the internet from ECCC 2011.

Bane of my existence. 

Bane of my existence. 

I have an addiction to making Wookie braids/scalps.

Basically finished Black Canary.

Would like combat boots, but I’m pretty pleased with the product now!